Mobile OaaS WAN

Mobile OaaS WAN

Instant optimised connectivity for remote or temporary locations.

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Optimised connectivity of ALL Applications within 5 minutes of arriving on site.


EcoLogic developed Mobile ‘OaaS’ Wide Area Network (WAN) to resolve the common problem of how to provide fast, reliable and complete communications to temporary or emergency IT locations.

Initially aimed at the construction industry, it can also resolve ‘emergency IT deployments’, and can be utilised in any industry where speed of deployment, good data throughput and minimum latency communications are required.

The key technology to complement the Cisco Meraki WiFi and Cloud Based Cellular 3G/4G (including Satellite) is EcoLogic’s ‘OaaS’ delivering ALL application optimisation, whilst negating the high latency and packet issues that are commonplace across cellular internet connectivity.

The core ‘OaaS’ technology reduces Data Transfer between 80% and 90% delivering better ‘Quality of Experience‘ over fixed line connectivity.

Once delivered to site Mobile ‘OaaS’ WAN is fully operational within 5 minutes of arriving on site.

See our infographic which demonstrates the speed in which we can connect temporary or emergency locations. Click here.




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