Cloud Managed Data Backup

Cloud Managed Data Backup

Securely protecting your company data within a cloud environment.

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A tailored solution, using existing infrastructure, and protecting all data in a Managed Cloud environment.


EcoLogic provide a fully managed and tailored solution, based on the Asigra platform, to utilise a business’ existing infrastructure and protect all company data within the cloud environment.

This means no additional investment in hardware or upgrades to existing network capabilities. The data is automatically and securely backed up to the cloud, where it is then fully replicated to a secondary data centre for resilience and failover capabilities, regardless whether the data you are looking to backup is residing on physical or Virtual servers.  

The Asigra software’s agentless capability and seamless integration, with physical and virtual environments, means that you can be fully protected from one install of the software.

Additionally, EcoLogic, using the Asigra solution, are able to provide a private, bespoke service to reside within your organisation’s network. This means data is sent to a private vault within the boundaries of your own IT network.




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