Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Managed Services delivering innovative world-class Gartner Magic Quadrant technologies for ALL Applications Optimisation, Managed WiFi and Secure Data Backup solutions, across all IT infrastructures.


Optimisation as a Service ensures you receive the bandwidth capacity you pay for - and much more - by mitigating common network issues such as latency, congestion and minimising data retransmissions.

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Cloud Managed WiFi Solutions

World-class technology delivers a true Cloud based wireless platform as a Fully Managed Service, without the cost or complexity of traditional solutions, with easy multi-site management.

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Mobile OaaS WAN

Instant Optimised connectivity allowing use of ALL Applications at remote or temporary locations, meaning within 5 minutes of a site visit your work can commence.

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Cloud Managed Data Backup

Providing a tailored solution, utilising existing corporate infrastructure, and protecting all company data within a Managed Cloud Solutions environment - all delivered “as a Service”.

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Mobile OaaS Client

High-speed application access allowing staff to access the corporate network from any location on any device, without installing new hardware or reconfiguring your network.

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