Cloud Managed WiFi delivered as a managed service


EcoLogic, with our Premier Partner Vohkus, were an existing Trusted Technology Provider to Warner Music Group (WMG) through the delivery of EcoLogic’s OaaS across the WMG Global Network.

WMG were also an existing Cisco ‘On-Premise’ WiFi user and were investigating / accessing alternative Cloud-based WiFi offerings. 

Proof of Concept

EcoLogic (Cisco Meraki) were invited along with another WiFi vendor to deliver an identical PoC environment for WMG and independent technology company IXIA to test. 

Cisco Meraki were successful due to superior:

  • High Density Data Throughput
  • Multiples of features
  • Delivered as a Managed Service via EcoLogic
  • Ability to integrate the OaaS and Cloud WiFi QoS platforms – True DC to End User performance.


A key benefit was that the overall solution was controlled and managed by EcoLogic across ALL continents, therefore negating the need for WMG to engage additional technical staff and continual technical training to keep in tune with the ever-expanding feature portfolio from Cisco Meraki Solution.


There was an immediate acceptance of the technology, ease of management and ability to deliver the solution across the globe.

Currently deployed (and continuing to expand) into:

  • USA
  • UK
  • Europe
  • Nordics
  • South Africa
  • Malaysia
  • Hong Kong