SD-WAN-as-a-Service Delivers Improved End User Experience for Retail Outlets

SD-WAN-as-a-Service Delivers Improved End User Experience for Retail Outlets

Published: 22nd April 2016

With SD-WAN-as-a-Service from EcoLogic you can ‘Broadband your WAN’.

WWW or MPLS or 4G LTE or any combination of the services

SD-WAN-as-a-Service Delivers Improved End User Experience for Retail

Ecologic’s SD-WAN offering, with integrated ‘OaaS’, enables Broadband connectivity to deliver a better end user experience than MPLS networks! What’s more Zero-Touch deployment allows enterprises to provision and manage WAN connectivity to retail outlets centrally.

Plus, the integrated Cloud Intelligence Software (UNITY Orchestrator) delivers guaranteed global Application and Cloud services performance - ALL SaaS offerings!

The result? Performance improvements from Application to your customer’s device NOT just across the core infrastructure.

EcoLogic’s offering is the first fully-integrated ‘Broadband-SD-WAN’ with integrated End to End Optimisation, and offers the following features:

Leverage broadband connectivity
Up to 90% cost reduction with migration from expensive MPLS networks
Zero Touch Provisioning
Minimise costs with simple deployment & limited IT dept involvement
SaaS Cloud Intelligence
Single license use across all SaaS offerings and users
Tunnel Bonding & Failover
Greater resilience to protect against failure of WAN link
Packet Delivery Intelligence
Ultra resilient mode ensures reliability of voice quality
Dynamic Path Control
Efficient utilisation of WAN link with sub-second switch-over
Business Overlays
Segmentation of network to ensure security & compliance
Assurance of service level and scalability
Location specific policies across your network: DATA CENTRE - BRANCH - RETAIL / RESTAURANT - WAREHOUSE
Hardened interfaces are internet safe & only admit ‘tunneled’ traffic
All IPSec tunnels are encrypted with 255-bit AES
Hardening can be done pre-link to ensure links such as MPLS can run with standard corporate security policies
Path Conditioning
Delivering carrier grade reliability over internet
Packet-based Load Balancing
Aggregated links are sized for high volume workloads
IP Layer Optimisation (Application & ALL SaaS)
Massive performance improvement - globally
Reduced Application Delivery Times
'Byte' level deduplication (Data Once) to mitigate latency
Cloud Intelligence Software
Dynamically calculates the best performing egress for each SaaS service (ALL SaaS Offerings)
Total Visibility & Management
Single screen management portal - app policies, network health, performance, business apps and SaaS, bandwidth costsaving report.

SD-WAN-as-a-Service from EcoLogic

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